Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best method to backup MySQL

Backup MySQL data is an essential part of the work when web-site is based on MySQL and you store your data in database and want your restoration to be fast and effective. And no matter generally was it a manual mistake to delete important information, software/hardware errors or server compromise. You need your critical data back as soon as possible.

MySQL offers the built-in tool to backup databases. Whether it is effective enough or it’s better to use specialized backup utilities? The question is open only for advanced users and system administrators. For novice PC user who is not MYSQL guru the only way to solve the problem is to use easy-to-use full-featured backup software designed to backup MySQL database or multiple databases.

MySQL backup is a function widely used on home desktops and in small and medium businesses. Enterprise system administrators working with solutions based on DB2 have to restore and backup DB2 databases. DB2 is much more complicated than popular open-source MySQL backup and supported by fewer backup utilities.

Additionally, it is necessary to say about such important service as online SQL backup. This means that on may backup and restore databases to server or computer in remote location.

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